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About Zhengtong
Zhengtong is a manufacturer of wire rope and wire rope slings in China. Our most popular products include galvanized wire rope, sling wire rope, stainless steel wire rope, galvanized aviation cable, PVC or nylon coated wire rope, construction wire rope slings, sling rings and motor vehicle inner wire.

Our history
Qinghe Zhengtong founded a small workshop with only 1000 square meters in 1990. Today, we have moved to a well-equipped new factory that covers an area of 12000 square meters. We have approximately 120 employees, most of them have over 15 years of work experience. Our annual production exceeds 10000 tons.

Our Quality
Zhengtong's slogan "Do Better" left a deep impression on every member of our team. We produce products in strict accordance with relevant standards (EN, DIN, ASTM.ISO, GB.JIS, BS, etc.). Well-trained technical personnel,advanced equipment and quality management to ensure good quality and the best service.

Our Market
Qinghe Zhengtong has been successfully exported to Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain, the United States, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, South Korea, and Japan. Our products sell well in Europe and the United States.

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